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Work From Home 2018: The Best (and Most Lucrative) Remote Jobs

Milad Hassibi June 18, 2018

Looking for a stay at home job that pays more than minimum wage? In our connected era, there are many opportunities available to increase your income.

Companies these days are looking to lower overhead and have more part-time employees that work from home.

Although there is an overload of remote online jobs available, some are better than others.

If you are interested in working from home without sacrificing pay, here are some of our top choices:

Online Tutoring

Tutoring has always been regarded as a rewarding and well-paying part-time gig.

Websites like A man sits behind a computer and gets tutoring lessonswww.chegg.com will pay its online tutors up to $20/hr.

Some of the highest earners are bringing in close to $1,000 a month in additional income.

Virtual Assistant

With more and more startups entering the business landscape, entrepreneurs are looking for various ways to reduce operating expenses.

As a virtual assistant, you do everything a normal secretary or assistant would do, except remotely. Worldwide 101 can pay its Virtual Assistants ( or VA’s) up to $20 per hour.


For many reasons, companies will need audio logs transcribed into text. TranscribeMe is a company that can pay up to $20/hr for transcription.

Although you are required to take a test to assess your skills, you will get paid weekly via PayPal.


If you speak another language, then you’re in luck! The Language Service Associates will hire translators and interpreters in the continental United States.

Depending on experience and fluency, you could be earning up to $17 an hour.


If you are a great writer, CyberEdit may interest you. They offer assistance to those that need help with resumes and technical writing pieces.

Compensation can range from $15/hr to up to $30/hr depending on your skillset.

Final Note

Now it is easier than ever to find a job that not only interest you but also pays you well. If you can manage to earn $15/hr by working 8 hours extra per week, that’s an extra $480 per month you could be adding to your bank account!

Working remotely is a new and upcoming trend that is sure to take a stronghold into the jobs market in the future.

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