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Why You Should Buy a Small Car

Milad Hassibi May 23, 2018

With so many different options available, it can be hard to find the right car that fits your needs. In recent years, millions of Americans have switched from gas guzzlers to smaller more efficient cars.

Here are the top reasons you should consider a small car for your next car.

Gas Savings

With gas prices going as high as $5 per gallon in some areas, it’s obvious why so many consumersA image of a gray mazda with dollar bills behind it are switching over to smaller cars. Large SUV sales are down along with other gas guzzlers.

If you buy a small car that gets double the gas mileage of your older car, you can literally save 50% on gas every month!

Cheaper Maintenance

Small cars come with smaller parts. When you buy a small car, you can expect to pay less for basic parts such as tires, oil, and more.

Having a small car also means that fewer things can break or go wrong mechanically. If you buy a 4 cylinder car instead of an 8 cylinder car, you literally will have a 2x less likelihood of replacing major parts!

Insurance Expense

In some states, drivers can pay an average of $2,400 per year on auto insurance. Having a smaller car means that you are less likely to crash or file a claim. Larger cars and trucks tend to take up more space and lead to higher claims.


If you had been saving up for a large SUV, you can take the money you save from buying a small car and load the car up with options and features. These days, manufacturers understand the importance of features and convenience to consumers, and small cars are no exception. You can get the same features and more from a small car as you would for a larger car.


Many consumers believe that larger trucks and cars offer more protection in an accident. This is completely false. With the advancement of technology, you can find small compact cars that get 5-star safety ratings across the board. You can also get additional features such as blind spot monitoring, collision warning, and automatic braking.

Final Note

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