Have You Ever Seen Comments This Dumb?

Milad Hassibi April 20, 2018

Bankruptcy carries a lot of negative stigmas, especially from those that don’t understand that being under a mountain of debt isn’t always your fault. More often than not, you had a family emergency, medical expense, or job loss that made you use your credit card to put food on the table and keep the lights on.

The most interesting comments we get are from people who do not understand how bankruptcy works and how debt can happen to good people. More often than not, being in debt is out of our control.

Here are some of the most inaccurate comments we’ve seen about Bankruptcy:

People that are under a mountain are debt aren’t there by choice. Most of the time, your debt is related to something you cant control, like a medical emergency or job loss. Events such as car accidents, the passing of a loved one, or an injury of the job can lead to you using your credit to make ends meet.

Debt happens to good people, and nothing is more stressful than being in a situation where you feel as if though there is no way out. Filing for bankruptcy is the only way you can get a fresh start and not have to worry about how you’re going to pay $543 in interest per month with 3 kids and a mortgage to pay.

Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t ruin your credit forever, and you can keep your house and car after you file too! No, your friends and family won’t find out about your bankruptcy, and after you file you can continue to live life like you normally would. You can even get a new car and a credit card right after! After you file, you will have the clean slate you need to rebuild your credit.

You can ERASE all your debt and end all the creditor and collections phone calls. Surveys have shown that average consumers save roughly $733 per month when they file for bankruptcy!

If you are buried in debt, filing for bankruptcy with companies like CrediReady is actually the SMART thing to do. You may spend the rest of your life paying off just interest and not even the actual balance. If you are working a full-time job and juggling a car payment, rent, insurance payments, and more, it can be nearly impossible to wipe out your debt alone!

Times are tough, and there is no question that almost anybody would use their credit cards to be able to feed their family.


Filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get a fresh start and give you peace of mind.

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