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Things to Consider When Bringing a Car to College

Milad Hassibi May 23, 2018

Going off to college is viewed as a time to finally be free. For many of us, our freedom is defined by our cars.

A car allows you the freedom and ability to go anywhere you wish at any time you please. If you are considering bringing your car to campus, here are a few things you should know.

You’ll Need to Pay

College is not cheap. After all, universities rely on fees in order to operate. If you are thinking ofA lady holding a yellow textbook is standing in front of a white kia bringing a car to college, realize that you will be paying a large amount per semester or quarter just to be able to park on campus.

Some universities charge as much as $800 per year for parking.

Unless you can park far away from campus and walk, you will most likely be purchasing a parking pass from your college.

Some students will also be selling their parking passes online through sites like www.craigslist.org or on your campuses buy/sell forums.

It’s the Best Transportation

Having a car is the ultimate freedom. After all, you can essentially go anywhere you want.

Depending on your location, public transportation can be hard to find and also inconvenient.

If you do decide to bring your car to college, know that many of your friends will rely on you to essentially be their chauffeur.

If you plan on commuting to school, a car may just be worth the cost. Having a car can also make it easier to find a job or internship since you won’t just be limited to employers near the college or near public transportation.

You can even sign up for rideshare programs like Lyft and make some money on the side.

Go Home on the Cheap

If you are a freshman in student housing, chances are the school will force you to leave during extended holidays.

Driving home can be the cheapest way to get home for the holidays. Even if you go out to visit friends in other states, driving could be your best bet.

Final Note

Starting college can be an exciting time. If you are debating about bringing your car to campus, try to plan out and see if you are looking to get an internship or job. Be sure to also factor in the cost of gas and insurance on top of parking expenses.

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