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Save Now, Vacation Later: How to Save For Your Summer Vacation Today

Milad Hassibi June 12, 2018

As summer rolls around, millions of Americans will travel with their families across the world and around the country. Even though summer is still a few weeks away, it’s never too early to start planning your vacation. Here are some sure-fire ways to start saving up for your next trip.

Get to Planning

If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, book your flights now. Trends show that airline fares will only increase the deeper you get into the summer months. Use online comparison sites like TravelocityA money bag sits in a bag on a white sandy beach or Trivago to plan your next flight. By booking now, you can save tons of money and avoid having to pay with a credit card.

Maximize Your Rewards

These days, most credit cards offer perks to lure in customers. Most of these perks are related to airline travel and vacations since the credit card companies often take a cut.

Many travel-based credit cards can make it easy to save big on family vacations. I was able to spend an entire week at a Sheraton hotel without paying a dime thanks to my credit card rewards.


If you haven’t used your credit card to build up travel points, and Airbnb can be a great way to save big. You simply download the vacation and lodging app and browse for listings in your desired area of travel.

Often times, you can get your own apartment or home for half the cost of a major hotel. Booking a home through Airbnb can also allow you to cook at home, helping you save more money.


The time when most people thought cruises were for retired couples is now over. Cruises are actually a great way to save since they are typically all-inclusive. This means that your food, entertainment, and lodging are all included in your ticket price, With so many exotic destinations available, the options are endless!

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Ignore the Usual

During summertime, cornerstone vacation countries like Italy, Spain, and the Carribean see prices climb. Especially in countries where the dollar is weaker than the sitting currency, you may find yourself spending more than expected.

If you want to travel during the prime season, consider traveling to countries in Eastern Europe where the costs are much lower. The dollar can also hold more buying power, letting you spend more for less.

Final Note

Vacations are a fun time for everybody, and by planning beforehand, you can make your vacation much more enjoyable at a lower cost. If you are in need of money for a much-needed vacation, CrediReady can help. Our nationwide network of personal loan lenders will work with you to get you the money you need today. Take a moment to fill out our free no obligation loan inquiry form today and start planning your next trip!

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