A black Honda Civic sits on a lot with a $5000 price tag

Most Reliable Used Cars Under $5,000

Milad Hassibi November 29, 2018

If you are searching for a reliable used car under $5,000, you might be thinking that your options are limited.

Thankfully, there are plenty of used cars in your price range that have a proven track record of reliability and durability.

Although they may not have the latest infotainment systems and Bluetooth features, they make a practical choice for those looking for a reliable car under $5,000.

2005 Toyota Camry

The 2005 Camry serves as the perfect reliable family sedan. The practical 2005 Camry offers a A white 2005 Toyota Camry available for sale roomy and comfortable interior that comes in cloth and leather options.

The Camry also boasts a large array of safety and luxury features, such as anti-lock brakes. Owners of the 2005 Camry were impressed with the vehicles ability to keep its high resale value.

Although the 2005 Toyota Camry won’t be winning any design or performance awards, it serves as a practical option for a small family.

With 24/34 MPG on the city and highway respectively, the Camry also serves as an economical choice for under $5,000.

For maximum savings and fuel economy, we recommend you purchase the 2.4L 4-cylinder motor over the V6 configuration.

2004 Honda Civic

A black 2004 Honda Civic in the streetThe Honda Civic carries a reputation for being one of the most reliable vehicles ever manufactured. With an impressive 36/44 MPG in the city and the highway respectively, the 2004 Civic is a highly economical choice.

The 2004 Civic also serves as a great value, with minimal maintenance and repairs needed.

Parts for the Honda Civic are readily available and labor is affordable. While many consumers rave about the reliability, some felt that the interior comfort was subpar. You can find the Civic in both manual and automatic configurations.

Many Honda Civics come bare-boned, with many still using manual windows and locks. The 2004 Civic serves as a practical choice for consumers looking for a reliable commuter car.

If you are looking for a sportier option, the Civic Si edition serves as a great choice. For a used car under $5,000, the Civic can’t be beaten and thus snags the top spot on our list.

2005 Toyota Corolla

Nearly 80% of all Toyota Corolla’s ever made are still on the road today, an impressive figure to say A gray 2005 Toyota Corolla sits on a dealership lotthe least. As a compact commuter, the 2006 Corolla offers all that you will need.

The 2006 Corolla gets outstanding gas mileage, rated at nearly 32/41 MPG on the city and highway respectively.

For 2006, the Corolla offers a high-quality and roomy interior compared to similar vehicles. Multiple safety options were available on the 2006 Corolla, including Anti-Lock brakes.

All Corolla’s hold their value extremely well thanks to their stellar reputation of reliability and dependability.

For those looking for a sportier option, the Corolla S can offer you aggressive styling at an affordable price.

2004 Honda CR-V

A 2004 Honda CRV SUV in black sits on asphaltIf you are looking for a roomier and reliable SUV under $5,000, the 2004 Honda CR-V is it. While the CR-V is a compact SUV, critics were impressed with the large cargo space offered by the CR-V.

The CR-V is also a safe car for families, earning a five-star crash-test rating from the IIHA.

The 2.4L motor inside the CR-V obtains an average fuel economy of 23/28 MPG in the city and on the highway respectively.

The optional AWD system is perfect for those living in snowy regions. The interior quality is high, with many owners reporting no interior issues after 300k miles.

One complaint against the CR-V was its excessive road and wind noise. However, the CR-V still makes a practical choice for those needing extra space in a reliable car under $5,000.

2002 Toyota Tacoma

A 2002 Toyota Tacoma available for sale for just under $5,000There are many older pickup trucks available for $5,000 or less, but only a few can match the stellar reputation and reliability of the 2002 Toyota Tacoma.

For a pickup truck, the Tacoma gets fantastic gas mileage, averaging 22/27 MPG in the city and on the highway respectively.

You can find a Tacoma with automatic or manual transmission options. The Tacoma also offers a refined drivetrain compared to its competitors.

The off-road capabilities of the Tacoma have made it a crowd favorite for those looking to use their truck for more than just work and family transportation.

You can also find the Tacoma with multiple body styles, from a standard cab all the way to the Xtracab versions. The Tacoma also has a tendency to hold its value well. Most Tacoma’s listed for $5,000 or less have over 100,000.

However, this should not be a large point of alarm as these vehicles tend to hold their value extremely well thanks to their bullet-proof reliability.

For $5,000, you can never go wrong with the Tacoma, quite possibly one of the best trucks ever built.

Final Note

All in all, there are multiple options to choose from when searching for a reliable car under $5,000. Whether you are in need of a family sedan, a truck for work, or an SUV to get around town, there is a dependable car under $5,000 that can get the job done.

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