How to Sell Your Car for Cash Fast

Milad Hassibi May 21, 2018

If you have been thinking about getting a new car to replace your older one, you probably thought about how you are going to sell it. These days, the online market for used cars is massive. Sellers and buyers negotiate prices and make transactions on a daily basis. Selling your car online is a great way to get top dollar.

If you are planning on selling your vehicle to another private buyer, here are some ways you can get top dollar:

Full Detail

Buyers appreciate it when a car is clean. Having a clean car shows that you took good care of it asA woman is holding cash after selling her car with a green background an owner and did not trash it. If you can, find a mobile detailer or a car wash that can offer a full detail (cost should be around $100).

This may be an additional expense but it could get you hundreds of dollars more when it comes to sell the car.

Find the Value

These days, websites like offer pricing tools that allow vehicle owners to see what their car is worth.

By taking your cars mileage, options, features, and condition, will tell you the fair market value of your car. Before you list your car online, be sure to find the value of your car.

Gather Paperwork and Receipts

When selling a car, you are required to hand over the vehicle title to the new buyer. This title is essentially a deed that shows who owns the car. Be sure to have it ready when buying. Take some time to find all the receipts you may have had for any repairs to the car. Having a record of what parts and items were replaced when can help you get more money for your car.

Small Repairs

There is no doubt that buyers can get scared when they see a car that needs work. If your car has foggy headlamps or small scratches, drive down to your local auto parts store or look online to find some fixes. Often times, these small repairs are inexpensive to fix and can help your car sell faster for more money.


These days, there are a multitude of scams that can arise when you are selling a used car. If anybody asks to see the title of the car over email or text, do not send any of your personal information (such as name and address). Scammers can also try and ask for your driver’s license and other private documents. Do not send any photographs of these sensitive items.

Final Note

All in all, selling your used car to get a new one can feel like a fresh start. If you are a buyer with bad credit, however, finding a new replacement car can be hard. CrediReady has a nationwide network of trusted dealers and verified lenders that work with buyers in almost all credit situations. Take a moment to fill out our free no obligation loan inquiry form today and start shopping.

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