A woman holds a stack of cash next to some basic school supplies

How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

Milad Hassibi August 11, 2018

Back to school shopping is often dreaded by many parents due to its extreme expense. However, back to school shopping does not have to be as dreaded as it sounds. There are many ways you can save big on back to school shopping.

Check Your Home

Often times, many families rush to their nearest department store or office supply store to A piggy bank stands next to a stack of school suppliespurchase supplies. Whether its a 100 pack of pencils or a $3 pack of pens, the cost of small supplies adds up over time. Before you rush out the door, check and see what you have at home.

Many families find unused school supplies from previous years or usable pens and pencils around home. Take an inventory of all the supplies and clothing you have at home and plan your trip around the supplies you have.

Shop Now

Back to school shopping season started as soon as schools entered into summer vacation. Shopping right now before the major rush is a great way to save big. Once the days get closer to the first day of school, retailers have a tendency to boost prices back up. This is because most of these families waited until the last possible minute and are in need of supplies quickly.

Avoid Sticking to Lists

Many parents take the list of school supplies their child hands them very seriously. Just because the school provided you with a list does not mean it all must be bought before the first day of school. These are supplies your child will be using throughout the year, it is unlikely that your teacher will conduct “an inspection” to make sure each child has the supplies they need.

Go Digital

We use the internet for almost everything these days, so why not school supplies? School and office supplies are widely available on websites such as Amazon and Target. Often times, you can have the item delivered to you in as little as 2 hours if your area has Amazon Prime Now. However, it’s important to note for some supplies like Crayons and pencils, its best to stick with retail sales.

Final Note

Shopping for school supplies can be a hectic time for all parents, but it does not need to drain your wallet. If you are in need of money for school-related supplies, CrediReady can help. Our nationwide network of trusted and verified lenders work with borrowers in all credit situations. Take a moment to fill out our free no-obligation loan inquiry form and get the money you need today!

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