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How to Get the Most Money for Your Trade-In Vehicle

Milad Hassibi February 15, 2019

If its time to get into a new car, you may be considering trading in your old vehicle. Trading in your old car is a great way to secure the funds for a new car. But how can you get top dollar for your trade in? Here is how you can maximize the value of your trade in.

Keep Your Records

Keeping track of your receipts for auto related work and maintenance is a great way to get more for your trade in. A car with detailed documentation on work performed can help answer any questions a dealership may have when it comes to the maintenance records of your car.


Never go into a trade-in without first researching the value of your vehicle. You can use sites like Kelly Blue Book to help find the value of your car given its mileage and condition. A good way to increase the value of your trade in is to print the value of your vehicle and bring it to the dealership for examination.

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Getting Clean

First impressions are the most important impressions, and a dirty vehicle filled with trash and paperwork is a sure fire way to give the wrong impression. Clean out, vacuum, and shampoo your car’s interior. Having a clean car shows a dealership that you are a responsible owner and take care of your vehicles.

Fix Those Dents and Scratches

Minor dings and scratches should be taken care of before you trade in your vehicle. However, you will want to ensure that you do not spend too much money into fixing scratches and dents if it does not increase your cars value.

Fixing small imperfections is not as necessary with older or higher-mileage vehicles. However, a new car with multiple scratches and dents could raise a red flag for a dealership.

Find the Proper Timing

Timing is everything for car dealerships. To get top dollar for your trade in, trade in your car at the right time. Its best to begin shopping for a new car once dealerships offer promotions, usually towards the end of the month to meet quotas set by the manufacturer.

Walking Away

If a dealership won’t budge on the trade-in value of your car, consider walking away. There are many dealerships in your local area who can also offer you a competitive bid for your vehicle. Shopping around and getting estimates from multiple car dealerships is a great way to ensure you are getting the most for your trade in.

Final Note

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