A check engine light goes off next to a smoking car

How to Extend Your Cars Engine Life

Milad Hassibi June 20, 2018

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. As an owner, it’s important to understand your car’s engine and what it needs for maximum life. Engine repairs can be hectic and extremely expensive.

Thankfully, by following the few steps listed below, you can rest assured knowing that your engine will provide you with many more miles of reliable service.

Stay Up To Date

Your car’s manufacturer understands your car the most. Although some shops may try to upsell A hondas check engine light comes on next to the gray engineyou on random services that are ultimately unnecessary, your owners manual will tell you exactly what services items are needed and when.

If you want to save some money, you can get a DIY oil change kit at most auto part stores.

There are multiple videos online that can teach you how to maintain your car and how to change the oil easily.

Stop Ignoring Lights

Many older cars tend to have their Check Engine lights go off at random times. Although most of us may be concerned for a few moments, we mostly begin to ignore the warning signs after some time.

If your car has a check engine light on, stop by a local auto parts store. They will most likely have a free scanner that can tell you the exact reason why your car’s Check Engine light came on. If you worry about expensive repairs, you can also get an extended¬†auto warranty to save money.

Drive It

Vehicles should be viewed as fragile machines that need care and maintenance in order to function properly.

Having your car sit for long periods of time can cause seals and gaskets to dry up and start cracking. It is also important to have the fluids circulating in the car as well.

Try to ensure that you are starting your car and driving it around the block at least 1 time per week. This will help to ensure your car will start strong every single time.

Final Note

You should view your car’s engine as an equivalent of the heart, you cannot live without it. Take some time to ensure that you are properly maintaining your car for maximum life.

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