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How to Buy a Diesel Truck – Things to Look For

Milad Hassibi July 23, 2018

Diesel trucks are known for their reliability, efficiency, and power. However, finding the right diesel truck that fits your needs and is in good mechanical shape can be hard to do.

If you’re new to diesel technology, here are a few things to look at before buying a diesel motor truck.

Check for blow by

Diesel engines have no spark plugs to ignite the diesel fuel. Instead, diesel trucks really on the A red dodge ram in diesel modeimmense pressure to ignite the fuel in the cylinder chambers.

When an engine becomes worn and tired, it will produce excessive smoke from the blowby tube.

A simple way to check this is to remove the trucks oil cap and place it upside down on the oil stem.

If the cap flies off, you have excessive blowby. Blowby is normal for diesel engines to produce, but any excessive blowby should be avoided.

Listen for noises

Diesel engines are known for being loud. However, you should ensure that the truck you are about to buy does not make any excessive or odd noises.

With the engine on, listen for any pings, ticking noises, or odd noises coming from the turbocharger.

Check the cooling

One trick to check the condition of the cooling system is to squeeze the truck’s top radiator hose. If the top radiator hose feels extremely hard, to the point of being as hard as a rock, then you may have a head gasket or other cooling issue.

Know to also check the coolant reservoir and see if diesel fuel has been mixed in. Often times, this is due to water sneaking into the engine.

Inspect for leaks

Due to the amount of abuse they suffer, some diesel engines suffer from leaks. Be sure to go underneath the car to do a visual inspection. Look for any signs of oil leaking from the engine.

Also, check the differentials to see if any fluid is leaking from them as well. If you’re buying a diesel truck, you can use the leaks as a way to drive down the price.

Final Note

All in all, diesel trucks are meant to provide durable and reliable service to their owners. If you are buying a used diesel truck, lower the chances of a costly repair by thoroughly inspecting the car.

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