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How This Couple Raised Their Credit Score 100 Points Using This Free Tool

Milad Hassibi July 16, 2018

In 2011, when his company relocated manufacturing to the other side of the country, Dave and his wife Martha found themselves falling behind on their mortgage. With aging parents in town and their first child on the way, they were unable to relocate.

Dave looked for a new job but finding a steady long-term career was taking longer than expected.

Martha spent the last 18 years as a sales clerk at a farmer’s supply store. The downturn in the economy caused her to lose her job as well. For three years, she bounced from temp job to temp job, all while balancing a growing family.

During this time of financial instability, they were able to keep their house but had fallen behind on payments on multiple occasions.

“When you have to choose between feeding your family and paying your mortgage, the choice is easy,” Dave stated.

“Finally, in 2015 we both found promising jobs and started to work our way back up the ladder once again. It was at this time that we knew that we had to focus on getting our credit scores back in order. “

Dave had heard about many well-known credit score websites in the past but “the idea of paying monthly fees makes me uncomfortable,” Dave said.

While at lunch, Dave was discussing his struggle to improve his credit score when a coworker recommended he try Credit Sesame because it was A FREE SERVICE. Not only could Dave view his credit score and report for free, but he would also be able to get custom tailored tips to improve his individual credit situation.

“That evening, Martha and I signed up and took a look at our credit scores for the first time in three years. I knew my score wasn’t going to be pretty, but I got custom advice and instructions on what steps we should take to boost our credit scores as fast as possible,” he went on to say.

Credit Sesame suggested that Dave completes a balance transfer to save over $225 per month on interest alone. After getting guidance from Credit Sesame on how to dispute negative entries and how to settle past-due debts with debt collectors, Dave’s score jumped to 693 in just 90 days.

Two months later they decided Martha was in need of a new car for their growing family. Thanks to the increase in their credit scores, Martha was approved for a low-interest auto loan. Just a week later, Dave and Martha experienced an 80 point increase in their score, due to their increased credit limits.

Three years later, Dave and Martha have had enough time to reflect on how Dave’s conversation over lunch with his coworker about Credit Sesame has saved their financial futures.

If you’re curious on how you can boost your credit score in less than 90 seconds, log into Credit Sesame by clicking the link HERE. Start improving your financial situation today!

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