How Students are Getting Free Money for College

Milad Hassibi June 26, 2018

With jobs becoming more scarce and technical, millions of Americans will be returning to school this year in an attempt to earn more money. Hundreds of thousands of students will also take advantage of the $31 billion1 in free money given to them by the government to pay for school through Pell Grants.

Unlike marketing ploys, Pell Grants are a real and legitimate way for students to get FREE Federal money for college without having to ever pay it back.

Pell Grants never require a credit check and are accepted at almost all schools in the United States.

Getting paid to go back to school is a great way to increase your income, qualify for a better job, or get that promotion you’ve always wanted!

Studies have shown that people with a college degree earn up to $33,4382 more per year than those with no diploma.

The Pell Grant is a financial aid program designed to help Americans pay for the cost of education. Grants don’t require that the money is repaid and don’t carry any interest. Students can qualify for up to $5,920 per year in free money. Any money not used for college can be used to cover day-to-day expenses as well. Couples can also qualify together to possibly receive more money.

This need-based financial system is aimed at helping students from low-income families afford the investment in a college degree. Each year, the Pell Grant offer can change to match inflation and the rising cost of education.

It is estimated that this year alone, nearly $2.3 billion3 in free money for college was unclaimed by students, mostly due to incomplete FAFSA applications. The Pell Grant is the largest source of federal funds for college and the Department of Education highly encourages each and every American thinking of attending college to apply.

Ready to take charge of your future? Find eligible schools near you today and start getting paid to go to school!



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