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Here Are The Best Things to Charge to Your Credit Card to Rebuild Credit

Milad Hassibi June 29, 2018

If you have less than ideal credit, you might be thinking of ways you can boost your score quickly. After all, having a bad credit score can make it harder and more expensive to get access to credit. Credit cards are actually one of the most effective methods for raising your credit score.

If you want to rebuild your credit, here are some things you should actually put on your credit card.


Groceries are something every single consumer has to budget for. Stop handing over cash andA series of credit cards with a grocery receipt start using a credit card to pay for your grocery purchases.

Since they are a budgeted necessity, you should be able to pay it back with ease.

You can also search for specific credit cards that provide additional rewards when they are used for grocery shopping.

Most of these cards are provided by the grocery store themselves as well.


Gas is essential for getting to and from work and also everyday life. Again, since most consumers already factor in the cost of gasoline into their budget, gas is a great credit card charge! Many stations also offer their own credit cards with cash back for gas purchases.

Small Buys

We would never advise you to put a $2,000 TV purchase on a credit card, but small items can be an exception. For instance, if you’re at a convenience store and buy a drink and snack, you can easily pay that off at the end of the month.

Rent Payments

Although rent is a large expense, it is a necessary one. Most landlords and property managers will only accept a bank deposit as a form of rent payment.

However, there are multiple companies that can take your credit card and process your rent payments for you.

In turn, you will see a massive boost in your credit score. Although most companies charge fees of 1-5% of your rent to process credit card payments, the cost may be worth the extra score boost.

Final Note

All in all, rebuilding your credit score is a daunting task. By taking the steps outlined above, you should now be prepared to see a rise in your score. However, be sure that you can pay for the items you charge on your card.

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