Drivers are Saving BIG with this New Insurance Trick

Milad Hassibi May 2, 2018

Recent studies show that only 7.3% of drivers are taking advantage of HUGE discounts available to them.

Jessica Mistretta doesn’t drive that much. In fact, she works from home. Somedays she’ll stop by the grocery store or the doctors, but that’s about it.

And she only pays $37/month for car insurance.

Her new insurance company gave her a new free gadget she plugs into her car, and now she pays by the mile. She has been saving over $773/year.

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“I never drive too far out of the neighborhood,” Mistretta said, 57, of San Diego. “Maybe just a few miles here and there every month.”

Since she rarely drives, she got tired of wasting so much money on auto insurance.

“I was paying AAA over $1,217 a year just to be able to drive a few miles,” she told us.

Mistretta realized that it made no sense for somebody like her that drives 3-5 miles per day should be paying the same rate as somebody driving 55+ miles per day.

After some digging, she discovered Metromile,  a new San Francisco-based startup that is changing the insurance industry forever with a revolutionary concept: Pay-per-mile car insurance.

A Money Saving Toy

Wondering how Metromile knows how much you drive?

MetroMile tracks your mileage by using a free device called “The Pulse” which easily plugs right into your cars diagnostic port. This magical money-saving device sends your mileage to MetroMile through an advanced wireless network.

Think of it as a Fitbit for your car!

Customers pay a flat fee of $35 a month plus a few pennies per mile.

Mistretta estimates that her insurance bill has dropped by $773 a year.

“This is the largest money saving decision I’ve made in my entire adult life,” she says. “I’ve been able to take the money I’m saving each month and put it towards a home.”

Before switching to Metromile, Mistretta had insurance through AAA for 32 years. Yes, that is 3 decades. But AAA couldn’t give her the kind of discounts she was looking for.

Mistretta is the type of driver Metromile was made for – people who drive less than 30 miles per day or 210 miles per week.

Since many of us are wary of Big Brother, you might have concerns about privacy with this new system.

Mistretta isn’t worried. Nobody at Metromile is watching her. She knows that the device in her 2008 Honda Civic just simply sends the number of miles driven for billing.

If you are considering signing up, know that the company will mail you the easy to install gadget for free along with a set of instructions.

Want to know how much you can save? Get your free quote today.



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