Credit Karma impact on credit scores

Does Checking Credit Karma Hurt Your Credit Score?

Milad Hassibi December 7, 2018

Credit Karma is one of the largest providers of free credit checks and reports in the world.

While Credit Karma makes it easy to access your score, some consumers worry about the impact of using Credit Karma on their credit scores.

Does Checking Credit Karma Lower Your Credit Score?

No. A consumers credit score will never be lowered by checking their own credit on Credit Karma.

Whether you access your credit score on Credit Karma or on another website, your credit score will not be affected. This is because checking your own credit score is considered a soft credit check.

There are two types of credit checks: hard checks and soft checks.A credit karma overlay in green over an image of a credit card

Checking your credit score on Credit Karma does not lower your score because it is considered a “soft credit check”. A soft credit check happens anytime a consumer views their credit score.

Although each soft credit check is added and logged into your credit report, soft credit checks do not impact your credit score in any way, shape, or form. The only reason why soft credit checks are recorded on your credit score is for your own records.

Checking your own credit score on Credit Karma does not trigger a hard credit check, only a soft credit check, which does not affect your credit score.

What will affect your credit score is a hard credit check. A hard credit check only occurs when a potential lender or even a landlord pulls your credit prior to issuing you a product or service, such as an auto loan or mortgage.

A hard credit check does lower your credit score slightly. Also, a lender will always ask you for consent prior to running a hard credit check.

It is important to note that multiple hard credit inquiries, such as from applying for a fury of credit cards in a short period of time, can be a red flag to lenders. This is because applying for multiple lines of credit in a short period of time may tell lenders that you are in a cash bind.

However, most lenders do not care about how many soft credit checks occur on your credit.

Final Note

Checking your own credit score does not lower your credit, and its advised consumers to check their credit score as frequently as possible in order to avoid any attempts of identity theft or fraud.

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