Crypto Bro Files For Bankruptcy After Losing it All

Milad Hassibi April 26, 2018

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin and how it’s revolutionizing the world with the concept of cryptocurrency. You probably know that at one point, Bitcoin was trading at over $19,000 per coin!

With its skyrocketing value, everybody felt that investing in Bitcoin is a good long term strategy. After all, the people who owned bitcoins back when they were $20 each made a absolute fortune right? Well, Grant certainly didn’t.

After hearing all the hype, Grant was sold and decided to invest his entire life savings and to take out a $15,550 personal loan to get into the crypto game. After buying a single coin for $19,000, he was soon shocked to see the value of the coin drop to $9,400.

Grant knew deep down he was done for, and that his lender will soon come knocking for payments.

A few sleepless weeks go by and the late payment notices started to come in. Day after day and week after week, all Grant thought about was how he would pay back his lender while working a minimum wage full-time job.

Each and every missed payment dragged his credit score further and further down the drain. Lenders and collection agencies started to call him daily asking about his late payments.

Grant tried to get money anyway he could, even by begging his girlfriend. After not being able to pay off a single payment and unable to pay his bills, Grant knew his options were limited. He could either run away to a foreign island with a new identity or file for bankruptcy.

While doing some research, Grant learned that he could keep his house and car after filing for bankruptcy. He also found out that he can even get a credit card and a car loan right after filing too.

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After talking to his friends over a cold one, Grant decided to use CrediReady to help him get past this horrible mistake. When he entered his zip code at CrediReady, he was shocked. He found out he could stop ALL the collection calls right away and erase all of his debt by speaking to a local attorney FOR FREE!

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