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9 Legit Ways to Earn Extra Money On The Side in 2019

Milad Hassibi May 17, 2019

Money. Who doesn’t want to have more of it? Whether you’re looking for a way to cover this month’s bills, pay off a credit card, or get into a new car, having extra cash in hand can go a long way.

A day job can help pay for essentials, although often times, it’s just not enough. No matter where you are or what you do for a living, thanks to the internet, finding ways to make money on the side doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

If you have a computer and are looking for some quick cash, here are 9 ways you can earn extra money on the side.

Download Drop and Make Money Shopping

Drop is an app that lets users earn gift cards for shopping at their favorite stores. It doesn’t matter what type of card you use with Drop – It works with your debit AND credit cards and lets you to earn points on top of existing rewards programs you may already be a part of. Once you download the app, choose the stores you shop with the most, like Trader Joe’s, Kroger, or Dollar Tree, and start earning.

When you start shopping, you’ll earn points in the Drop app automatically. The process is extremely transparent. If you earn 5,000 points from shopping, you can exchange those points for gift cards for stores like Macy’s and even American Airlines. The exchange rate on Drop’s platform is always fixed, meaning you’ll always know what you’re getting. 5,000 points will get you a $5.00 gift card to your favorite stores (1,000 points = $1).

Find even MORE cash back with Ebates

Ebates is a browser plug-in that gives you cash back for shopping with your favorite brands. Ebates has exclusive partnerships with major stores. Simply shop online with Ebates and collect your cash back. As an example, if Ebates offers 10% cash back for shopping at Target and you spend $300, you’ll get $30 sent to you through check or PayPal.

Swagbucks gives you Money to watch videos online

Swagbucks is easy money. Swagbucks is a cashback site that makes it easy to earn points by watching videos online. Once you’ve made your account for free, you can start earning points right away and have those points converted to gift cards. Earn 500 Swagbucks and you can exchange your points for a $5 gift card to any one of your favorite stores or brands.

Shop or Deliver with Instacart

Instacart is changing the grocery industry just as Uber changed the transportation space. Instacart lets you earn money by doing other people’s grocery shopping for them. Shoppers also get the added perk of setting their own working hours as well, making it the perfect side-gig for those with busy schedules or full-time jobs. Customers place their order through the app and all you have to do is grab all of the items on their list.

Drive for Uber

One readily available and common side-gigs for making money is becoming an Uber driver-partner. Currently, there is a shortage of drivers on the platform. The best part? Drivers can set their own hours!

No matter what time in the day it is, once you complete the activation process, you can start earning money with Uber. If you have a reliable car, becoming an Uber driver can give you ample amounts of cash at the end of the month.

Skip the interactions with Uber Eats

If you’re not a fan of driving random people around, you can deliver food through Uber Eats! As the food delivery service for Uber, UberEats has experienced tremendous growth. You also won’t deliver from just one restaurant or bar.

Customers have the choice to order from many local restaurants. As soon as a customer places an order, you’ll get a notification of where it needs to be picked up from and where it will be delivered too. Tips are also an added plus of UberEats. UberEats also comes with the flexible schedule Uber is known for, which makes it a perfect side-gig for students or those with part-time jobs already.

Help Big Brands understand their customers

An easy way to make money is by completing simple surveys online. As a research company, Vindale gets contracted by major brands and retailers to get consumer feedback. Companies use the answers you provide them in your surveys to help them improve products, marketing, and overall profits.

Simply create a free account and add some details about yourself. After, Vindale will match you to paid surveys. You can opt to have your money given to you through PayPal or by check.

SurveyJunkie, the biggest Paid Survey company online

SurveyJunkie is a massive survey site with hundreds of daily surveys to choose from. After signing up, the website’s algorithm will automatically match you with surveys that you qualify for based on the inputs you provided. The surveys on SurveyJunkie are also updated daily.

SurveyJunkie is free to join, and over 10,000,000 users have already signed up and are now making money with surveys. The payout threshold is only $10, and their thousands of surveys ensure that you’ll be able to make plenty of money answering surveys about topics you enjoy and are passionate about.

Rent out an extra room or couch on Airbnb

If you have a house with some open rooms, use it to make money through AirBnb. This works especially well for consumers with day jobs that require them to travel. Listing a room or open couch on Airbnb is a great way to make money and meet interesting people from all around the world! Some AirBnb landlords are able to pay their entire mortgage or rent amount by simply renting out empty and unused space.

Final Note

Now more than ever, there has never been more opportunities to work from home and earn extra cash online. With just a computer, you can earn extra cash on the side to cover any extra expenses. Whether you decide to answer research surveys or want to begin driving your car with Uber, the possibilities are truly endless.

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