A credit card being inserted into a ATM with a red no circle

3 Places to Never Use a Debit Card

Milad Hassibi June 5, 2018

Credit and debit cards have made life much more convenient. After all, you no longer need to carry around a wad of cash for daily purchases. If you are looking at your credit card statement and see a fraudulent charge, you can easily file a dispute with the card provider.

Credit cards make it much easier to get your money back after a fraudulent charge.

However, debit cards are a different story. Since debit cards link to your bank account, any fraudulent activity can make it near impossible to get your money back. In the internet age, fraud can happen at any time and anywhere.

However, there are certain situations where it is best to avoid using debit cards altogether.

ATM Machines

ATMs offer convenience since you can instantly withdraw cash when you need it most. However,A man in sunglasses and black hair has stolen a credit card thieves and scammers know this as well. One method fraudsters use to steal debit card information is skimming.

Essentially, the scammers will place a device into an ATM machine that will scan your debit card and send them your private card information.

Many scammers will simply place card skimmers in plain sight on ATM machines, fooling thousands of consumers on a yearly basis. These skimming devices are typically beat-up or look out of place on most ATMs.

If you are in need of an ATM, try using one in a large mall or shopping center to avoid this scam.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are a danger zone for debit cards. There have been many recorded incidents of consumers having their debit card information stolen after pumping gas. Gas stations are a perfect place for debit card thieves since many of them have just 1 attendant watching over 4-10 pumps.

Scammers will use the same skimming devices they use on ATM machines on gas station pumps. After all, if you are using a debit card, gas stations try to make it easy by allowing you to pay at the pump.


If you frequent bars and restaurants and use debit, be wary. Waiters and waitresses will take your debit card from you to complete payment after you are done. However, you should know that many bar and restaurant employees have been caught writing down debit card information behind the counter.

Small bars and restaurants typically do not have the resources to tackle this issue, so its best to use credit or cash when possible

Final Note

In the world of debit cards and technology, it can be hard to avoid situations where your private information is at risk. If you are concerned about protecting your debit card information, try switching to cash or using credit cards. All in all, being vigilant and aware of common debit card scams can help you avoid a headache and stress they can cause.

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